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Porsche is a well-known German company that specializes in the production of prestigious and expensive sports cars. Most of the models from this manufacturer have a rear-engined layout and are equipped with boxer engines. The main plant is located in Germany in the city of Stuttgart. The complicated but interesting history of the company began in 1900. At the time, the up-and-coming design engineer Ferdinand Porsche presented his own development at the French Expo - the drive for the Lohner-Porsche electric car. After a short period of time, he creates his own design studio F. Porsche AG. After that, with government support, Porsche designed the future people's car, the Volkswagen Beetle. It was on the basis of this model that 3 versions of Porsche prototypes were created. At the end of the 40s of the XX century. Serial production of the small sports car Porcshe 356, which is equipped with an uprated engine manufactured by Volkswagen, was launched. By the early 50s

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