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The French company Bugatti, founded in 1909, specializes in the production of exclusive, sports and professional racing cars. The company owes its creation to the artist and engineer Ettore Bugatti. The engineer, and with him his company, received the long-awaited fame in the 1920s. XX century, when the Type 35 GP was born. The revolutionary new car at that time won more than 1500 victories in races, but the Second World War made its own adjustments to the development of the company. The company's long decline almost brought Bugatti to a complete collapse. However, in the late 1980s. a powerful super-modern car Bugatti - EB110 appears, which managed to overcome the barrier of 322 km / h, and brought the company back to life. A little later, a sports modification of the revolutionary EB110 SS car was born. Since 1999, and to this day, Bugatti has been owned by the world famous Volkswagen concern, which has already managed to release an engineering miracle under this brand -

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