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How to use a tire calculator?

What is a tire calculator for? Each car at the plant is equipped with a certain tire size, which is characterized by three main parameters - tread width, tire height (distance from the ground to the lower edge of the disc) and the diameter of the hole for the rim. And it is very important to understand that the manufacturer chooses these sizes not by chance, but taking into account many factors and calculations. Also, these rubber parameters can significantly affect a number of indicators during the operation of the car, which can be foreseen thanks to our calculator. Such as, speedometer reading, fuel consumption, ride comfort on the highway or off-road, safety, etc. That is why changing the factory tire sizes must be approached with an understanding of all the nuances and possible consequences of such changes.

Why then buy custom-sized rubber at all? There can be many reasons for this - this is the shortage of certain sizes, and the change in the radius of the wheel disk, and the desire to deliberately change the performance properties of rubber. Many motorists, taking into account their experience, often want to increase or decrease ground clearance, increase traction, etc. by changing the tire size.

Calculating the clearance on a tire calculator

What is important to consider when changing a standard tire type? The most important point to understand is the bus parameter values. Let's take the most common size 205/55 R16. 205 is the simplest and most understandable indicator - the tread width of a tire in millimeters, that is, our tire has a width of 20.5 centimeters. 55 - this indicator most often causes problems and misunderstandings, it characterizes the height of the tire - the distance from the road to the lower edge of the wheel rim, but this is not the height in millimeters! is the percentage that the height of the tire is of the width! That is, in this case, the height of the rubber is 55% of its width. So we multiply 205 millimeters by 55% and get the absolute value of the height - 113 mm. The third parameter R16 does not mean the radius, as you might think from the letter R, but the diameter of the inner hole in the tire in inches. 1 inch approximately ramen 25 millimeters. So where does the difficulty usually arise? The fact that these three indicators are related. That is, you need to know that, for example, an increase in only the indicator of the width of the profile will pull along with an increase in height! That is, the tires 215/55 R16 will not only be wider, but also higher than our wheel 205/55 R16. A certain difficulty is also the exact calculation of the change in the clearance of the car.

Our visual tire calculator can solve all these problems and difficulties, which not only calculates real changes in tire characteristics for you, but also warns about the consequences - answers the question of what changes in certain tire parameters will affect. It is very easy to use it - enter your "native" size in the left form, and the size you want to install on the car in the form on the right. Click the "Calculate" button. A description of the consequences of the changes you specified will appear under the calculator!


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