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Maybach is a German car brand that is part of the Daimler Chrysler concern. The company is known for producing exclusive executive cars. Maybach was founded by the talented designer Wilhelm Maybach in 1921 with his first car, the W-3. Until the middle of 1930, the company was represented by only one model - "Zeppelin". However, this car was considered the most luxurious and technically advanced car for those times. At the same time, there was not a single similar model: the design of the car was created taking into account the needs of each customer. During the war years, the Maybach automobile company was engaged in the production of tank engines. But soon the owner of the company Karl Maybach was taken prisoner and after the war he developed aircraft engines in France. In the 50s, Karl returned and again began to lead his company. Now it produces marine, stationary and railway engines. In 1961, Daimler Benz bought the rights to the Maybach. Revival

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