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Nissan was founded in 1925. It appeared as a result of the consolidation of two well-known companies - "Jitsuo Jidosha Co" and "Kwaishinsha Co", which produced Dat cars. The new firm was named Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. Initially, the newly-minted company was engaged in the production of all vehicles under the Datsun brand. The company was not engaged in passenger cars until 1931, when the first passenger car model of the company was presented. On June 1, 1934, the firm changed its name to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. The whole range of cars from small cars to SUVs appears in its lineup. In 1986, the automaker significantly expanded the 4 ? 4 range with the all-new Nissan Terrano. With this, Nissan responded to the rapidly growing demand for family cars. I must say that the company has retained its market positioning in this segment to this day. In order to reach a qualitatively new level, on March 27, 1999, Nissan signed a contract

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