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OPEL ASTRA F CABRIO (53 B) alloy wheel fitment guide

Selection and search of tire size by model Astra F Cabrio (53 B). Table of standard, factory tire sizes Opel

  • What size of tires can I put on the OPEL ASTRA F CABRIO (53 B).
  • Acceptable (standard) and recommended tire sizes.
  • Maximum and minimum tire sizes for OPEL ASTRA F CABRIO (53 B).
  • Profile (width, height) and tire diameter.

The release of the OPEL ASTRA F CABRIO (53 B) model was carried out from to .

Table of factory and suitable tire sizes for OPEL ASTRA F CABRIO (53 B).

Choose appropriate trim of Opel Astra F Cabrio (53 B):

The fifth generation Opel Astra with the letter K debuted in 2015, when the brand was still owned by General Motors. Then, in 2017, it was bought out by the PSA concern. Despite the fact that the French are promptly trying to implement their technologies, the life cycles of Astra and Insignia have not yet ended and it is economically unprofitable to transfer them to new platforms with all the attendant consequences. Moreover, the restyling of the model was started by GM specialists even before the change of leadership. As a result, the updated model was released in July 2019, and the new generation on the French EMP2 platform should not be expected until 2021. You can distinguish the new product from its predecessor by the front part. Instead of a double chrome trim, the radiator grille received two single ones. The central air intake has become slightly larger and received a pronounced trapezoidal shape. On the sides of it are other recesses with fog lights. Among other things, to reduce drag, the front section is equipped with grille shutters, with the upper and lower sections being separately controlled. In addition, the manufacturer has installed a variety of turbulence guards under the underbody and re-shaped the rear suspension arms. As a result, the car received the best drag indicator among its direct competitors. The hatchback has a Cd of 0.26 and the estate's 0.25. The cabin has also undergone several changes. A new dashboard is located in front of the driver's eyes. It is distinguished by a virtual section in the center, which is responsible for the speedometer readings. On the center console, you can see the eight-inch touchscreen of the new infotainment system. Opel Astra is a five-seater model of the Golf class. There are two body options available: a five-door hatchback and a station wagon. In the first case, the car is 4370 mm long, 1871 mm wide, 1485 mm high and 2662 mm between wheelsets. The station wagon is 332 mm longer and 25 mm higher. The car is based on the General Motors D2XX platform. She has a semi-independent chassis layout. McPherson struts in front, and a resilient torsion beam at the back. The French re-tuned the shock absorbers to improve comfort. At an additional cost, an optional sports package with reduced ground clearance and tighter struts will be available. Opel Astra engines also inherited from the previous owner of the company. The petrol line consists of two motors. The base unit is a 1.2-liter inline turbocharged triple, available in three versions: 110, 130 and 145 horsepower. The gearbox is exclusively mechanical six-speed. Alternatively, you can opt for a 1.3-liter engine with a similar layout. It is capable of delivering up to 145 horses and is equipped with a continuously variable variator. For heavy fuel lovers, a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder unit is available. There are 105 and 122 horsepower versions to choose from. The younger versions come only with a manual transmission, while the older ones can be equipped with a classic hydromechanical automatic with 9 steps.


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