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Ferrari are sports cars manufactured by the Italian company for 70 years. Ferraris are examples of automotive art that have delighted luxury car enthusiasts since 1946. Ferrari is firmly established in the garages of world leaders, including emperors and sheikhs, football player Lionel Messi and collector Pierre Bardinon. The brand was glorified by the "red baron" Michael Schumacher. The history of Ferrari began much earlier than the first car was created. Enzo Ferrari, racer and test driver, set up his Auto Avio Costruzioni production under the wing of Alfa Romeo. The company produced spare parts for cars, and its owner at first did not dream of more. But in 1946 the first car appeared under the name of its creator - the Ferrari 125. The car impressed with its powerful 12-cylinder engine made of aluminum. The novelty was a breakthrough in the production of cars and made it possible to realize the dreams of its creator to combine comfort and high speed. A year later, new modi

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