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The history of the creation of the Mercedes-Benz brand is associated with two brands: the Mercedes brand, which was produced by the German company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, and the Benz brand. Both companies were quite successful and developed in parallel on their own in the German market. But in 1926, it was decided to merge the two companies into a single Daimler-Benz concern. The head office of the concern is located in Stuttgart. As a result of the merger in 1963, the legendary model 600 (the famous six hundredth Mercedes) rolled off the assembly line. It was a kind of challenge to Rolls-Royce executive cars. Today, the Mercedes S600 is equipped with an incredibly reliable and powerful power unit, and its maneuverability is amazing for the large dimensions that this car possesses. Today the company can boast of probably one of the largest model lines in the international car market. It presents sedans, compact hatchbacks, station wagons, convertibles, and coupes, as well as roa

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