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The Italian automaker Maserati produces fast, comfortable and incredibly beautiful sports cars. Officine Alfieri Maserati was founded by the Maserati brothers on December 14, 1914. Until the 1930s, the company created exclusively sports car models. Later, the management decided to expand the range and start small-scale production of luxury cars for every day. The new models were equipped with simplified and derated engines from racing cars. In May 1993, the Fiat concern buys out 90% of the company's shares. And in 1997, the management of Maserati was transferred to Ferrari. The latest merger is slowing down the alignment of designs for both brands. However, Maserati did not want to be dependent, and several years ago, being part of the FIAT concern, Maserati regained independence. Now the company itself acts as a donor. It was decided to use her experience and technologies to fuel the Alfa Romeo brand.

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