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The famous British automobile company Land Rover specializes in the production of off-road vehicles, which are considered one of the most prestigious SUVs in the world. Its main plant is located in Solihal near Birmingham. In 1948, when there was a serious shortage of steel throughout England, the first Land Rover car was born, the body of which was made from a very inexpensive alloy. After that, the goal of the company's designers was to produce a car that was supposed to combine simplicity and, at the same time, refinement. In 1970, the Range Rover was born, which will later be exhibited alongside Da Vinche's La Gioconda as an example of contemporary art. Another innovation that shocked the world was the Discovery model. Its technical parameters can be put between the aesthetically sound Range Rover and the practical Defender. In 1997, the company's specialists expanded the model range with a new Freelander. Today Land Rover is part of the Indian con

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