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Chevrolet is one of the leading divisions of the General Motors concern. The company is headquartered in the northern suburb of Detroit, Warren. Chevrolet was created back in 1911 by popular racer Louis Chevrolet and William Durant, founder of GM. After some time, Durant loses control over both the concern and the Chevrolet division. However, a little later, in 1918, at the cost of remarkable efforts, Durant regains GM and Chevrolet. Statistics can tell about the company's success: every sixteenth car driving around the world today is a Chevrolet. The company offers the Russian car enthusiast both classic "Americans" (Tahoe, TrailBlazer) and a cheaper line of Korean-assembled cars. In addition, the company had a hand in the creation of a Russian SUV, which bears the name of the Chevrolet Niva.

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